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Reconsidering Doggy.

Photo:Bruno Bueno/Pexels

There are some women who think doggy style sex is degrading, submissive and lacking intimacy.

There are some men who claim doggy-style is evil, and others who suggest it may be dangerous for its penis-fracturing risks.

I emphatically disagree with those women — and thank God my husband isn’t in agreement with those particular men — because doggy style is freaking hot, and my absolute favorite sex position.

In this article, I’m talking about doggy style sex between a cisgender man and a cisgender woman, where the man is the one doing the penetrating. …

Exhilarating, Fun-filled and Memorable.

Photo:Danielle Pilon from Pexels

The night started like most other date nights. The babysitter was 15 minutes late and we had to rush out the door to make it to a dinner reservation.

I was carrying my sassiest red heels in one hand and my phone in the other as we jumped in the car and headed downtown.

We hadn’t been able to sneak away for a date night in months, and we were both buzzing with excitement for an adult night out at our favorite restaurant.

Little did I know that would be the night my lifelong fantasy of being pursued by a…

The best way to prepare the ground for a good pussy pounding.

Image By Imcsike from Shutterstock

“I don’t know what to do, my wife doesn’t seem to enjoy sex with me.” Or she says “I’m not enjoying sex with him.”

I’ve heard these complaints over the last few months again and again and it gives me anxiety.

These complaints scream despair and hopelessness. It saddens me to learn that many couples are frustrated and unsatisfied with their sex life. Sex should be fun, joyful and pleasant if you just let go and surrender to it.

I’ve written many tutorials to help men please their partner but the message doesn’t seem to sink in. So, I’m going…

PS: Very important for men.

Photo:Eric Ward/Unsplash

Dear men, have you ever been in the middle of great sex with your beautiful partner, then suddenly she seems completely turned off? Or you had anticipated great sex, but unfortunately, she was disappointed? No need to worry.

I’ve got 10 awesome tips that’ll help you prevent any turn-offs from ruining sex.

You see, for many women, trust and communication is super important. We don’t want to feel like a sex object but rather, nurtured and cared for.

We want to feel the desire, and have sex on a more intimate level that’s not just about the physical. …

Keep reading to find out.

Photo by: Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

My sex education didn’t include an education in pleasure.

I knew sex was supposed to feel good and that an orgasm was one of the best things you could experience. And I pieced together that there were two ways to get them:

clit stimulation or hitting the G-spot.

I was shocked when I found out that this was only the tip of the orgasmic iceberg.

I discovered other ways to come soon after I turned 25.

That was an especially lazy and horny season of my life. I didn’t have a ton of responsibilities and it felt like time stretched…

Uncovering the truth behind Orgasm via penetration.


I can vividly recall how I was a virgin at 19. I had never had an orgasm before.

So when I started dating Thompson that year, I was excited not just to have sex for the first time but possibly to come for the first time. I thought PIV (penis in vagina) sex was going to be awesome. That’s what would finally make me go wild.

So one sticky summer afternoon, when Thompson’s mom wasn’t home, we went up to his room and we tried to have sex.

It was difficult at first. “It feels like you’re breaking my dick!”…

Secrets to having a tantalizing bedroom experience.

Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

Basically, I could sum this whole article up into four words if you feel like being lazy:

Women need more foreplay.

I suppose if you stop reading now, you’re that lazy type in other areas of your life too, so maybe you should actually consider sticking around to hear what I have to say.

I wish it weren’t the case, but we women just don’t have a universal “on” switch that prepares our bodies for sex.

Men’s penises’s grow and get hard and just insist upon themselves while we ladies sometimes struggle on our own to get wet enough to…

How to have a tantalizing experience in the bedroom 😍

Photo: Igor Starkov/Unsplash

Some people say good sex is about penis size, the motion of the ocean, and chemistry. Others consider anything with a happy ending good sex. Some folks have never had good sex. And some think all sex is good.

But there are many factors that determine how you perceive a sexual experience. Like how you feel about the other person.

Whatever is happening in your own life. How you feel about yourself. Past experiences or lack thereof. Then there’s your upbringing and societal conditioning.

So yeah, it’s safe to assume that good (or bad) sex is wildly subjective.

However, in…

Plus 10 solutions to the errors.

Image by vedat zorluer from Pixabay

There are many things that contribute to a happy relationship. One of those things is both partners feeling they have a satisfying sexual life.

By definition, a sexually pleasurable life isn’t all about orgasms and the amount of sex you’re having. It includes all of them, but intimacy and companionship are fundamental components for a successful relationship.

The fast-paced lives that many of us juggle; meetings, side-hustles, kids or house chores are heavyweights on the management of our relationships and our sex life.

Our daily compromises steal our time and drain our energy levels.

If we add to all of…

Touching her at the right place is as important as touching her.

Photo:Irina Anderson/Unsplash

When you think of touching a woman, what do you think of? Hit all the hotspots, nipples, Clitoris, thighs, arms, and everything in between.

What about a man? His genitals and maybe stroke his face? Perhaps, some back clawing? That’s where most minds go; I’d bet most assume that men are purely physical creatures, and sexual arousal is easily achieved by just focusing on their penis.

Now, playing with a mans penis will definitely get him prepped, but we should want him on the brink of explosion — as horny as possible.

Men enjoy being aroused in various sensual ways…

Sandra Thompson

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