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I write about sex,love,romance. Relationship coach, Educator,Writer.

What a summer enjoyment!

Photo:Jakob Owens/Unsplash

My husband’s colleague at work sent me this story of his experience sometimes ago.

“And now we enter our final pose: Sarvasana,” Zeke said in his deep voice.

I lay down, spreadeagled on my cerise yoga mat and breathed deeply. …

I was completely soaked. And he needed to taste me.

Photo: Isabella Justin/Unsplash

A detailed erotica of our early morning sex as narrated by my husband.

I kissed her with ferocity, taking her mouth with a burning possession, tasting her sweetness with deep, languid licks. She whimpered.

The vibration sizzled straight through me and stiffened my already erect cock. …

I was busy kissing her nipples and pussy and was enjoying every bit of it.

Photo: Isabella Justin/Unsplash

Mr Albert is my husband’s younger brother and he shared his experience with his best friend wife with us at the family reunion lunch last weekend.

Jim and I had been friends since high school. …

Harder and harder he slammed his cock into her pussy and soon had her cervix feeling the tip of his throbbing cock.

Photo:Kenneth Williams/Unsplash

Mr Thompson’s (my husband) first time of cheating on me was with his co-worker that is married as well but was sex-starved.

I allowed him to write this article as he’s in the best position to narrate the event better for my readers.

Happy reading!

Michele was a 42yr old…

Exploring the pure pleasure of lesbian sex.

Photo:Lee Chinyama/Unsplash

In the end it was just the three of them sitting at a table together, talking over old times while I cleaned down the bar at the end of my shift, the rest of the hen party long gone.

They knew each other from uni: Chrissy and Beth, who were…

A Beautiful love story.

Photo:Garin Chadwick/Unsplash

“When was the last time you were well and truly fucked?”

Jenny’s cheeks burned in response. He was really asking this… in a coffee shop of all places? She glanced around, curious if anyone could hear the filth coming from his mouth. Such a pretty mouth. Steve had a pouty…

They both love my big cock.

Photo: Isabella Justin/Unsplash

This experience was a special one for my elder brother David. It happened some few years ago and we got into discussing the other day about medium and his sexual experiences.

I asked him if he can draft one or two stories about his personal life for me to publish…

What an amazing way to reward his cheating boyfriend!

Photo: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

Summer this year seemed to be particularly bad for Anna. She was to spend the summer in Europe with her boyfriend Matt, but just a week before she was supposed to travel, she found out he was cheating on her. …

without penetration.

Photo: Rebecca Ashley/Pixabay

I know a lot of articles has been written about the female orgasm by different writers.

I am Mr.Thompson,a joint owner of this medium account with my dear wife Mrs Sandra Thompson.

We had a long discussion about the female orgasm and how we can improve our relationship and sex…

A beautiful steamy hot erotica story for your pleasure.

Photo:Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

This is a pure work of imaginative erotica.

It was a bright sunny day in October as Alice stepped out from her car. The wind caught her skirt and sent it twirling around her thighs. …

Sandra Thompson

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