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Twas a surreal moment when her mom’s lover filled her wet pussy with load of cum.

Photo:Jennifer Ashley/Unsplash

Sharon had been married about 5 years when her sex life with her husband Stanley started to deteriorate. It got worse when he started doing night shifts at work.

But they carried on regardless and just had sex every month or sometimes less. Most of Sharon’s orgasms came from her…

I can’t believe you’re only twenty and have such grand boobs.”

Photo: Margaret Thatcher/Unsplash

This story was narrated by Amanda Jackson based in Florida.

“Oh, fuck yes, Amanda, I’m gonna cum, you’re too much,” he moaned, feeling his face.

I released his cock. “Then cum all over your student’s tits, you pervy jackass,” I implored him, stroking it.

“If you weren’t so hot, I’d…

Sandra Thompson

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