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I write about productivity, self-improvement, Inspiration,habits and achieving goals.

The Power Of Being Unconventional

Photo:Drew Colins/Unsplash

Dick Fosbury took a moment to meditate as 80,000 people looked down at him from their seats in Mexico City's Olympic stadium.

The fans at the 1968 Olympic Games didn’t know it at the time, but they were about to witness not only the setting of an Olympic record, but the complete revolution of a sport.

Just three or four years earlier, nobody in the world of athletics had even heard the name Dick Fosbury.

As a long and lean teenager from Oregon, Fosbury was just another kid interested in track and field.

He wanted to compete in…

The value of confidence

Photo:Steve Halama/Unsplash

Garry Kasparov and his long-time rival Anatoly Karpov—two of the greatest chess players of all-time—took their respective seats around the chess board. The 1990 World Chess Championship was about to begin.

The two men would play 24 games to decide the champion with the highest scoring player being declared the World Chess Champion.

In total, the match would stretch for three months with the first 12 games taking place in New York and the final 12 games being played in Lyon, France.

Kasparov started off well, but soon began to make mistakes. He lost the seventh game and…

Setback or Step Up?

Photo:Mert Guller/Unsplash

Whether a change is a setback or an opportunity depends on your framing.

Suppose you lose a job or leave a relationship. Is that a setback or a step up? I think it’s really a framing challenge – which frame will you predominantly choose?

Financially a job loss may look like a setback, and other people around you may frame it that way as well, such as by offering comforting words.

But emotionally there’s often a feeling of relief. Once you accept what happened, it’s freeing. You’re back in the open possibility space again.

I often congratulate people…

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Photo:Beth Jnr/Unsplash

Here’s an interesting pattern: When people are heading towards a major transition, they often wait for a “final straw” incident before making a move.

In other words they wait until some arbitrary event happens that’s good enough to qualify as the final reason that pushes them over the edge.

So an incident happens at work, and that becomes the reason for quitting. Or an event happens in a relationship, and that becomes the reason for breaking up. But of course those events are just catalysts for the transition, not the true reasons for moving on.

These inciting incidents…

Advance Faster

Photo:Edu Lauton/Unsplash

If you feel like you’re being held back from advancing in some area of life, consider that you may be correct. Let’s suppose that something is holding you back. Can you identify what that something is?

  • Is some person or group of people getting in your way?
  • Is a physical issue with your body slowing you down?
  • Is there some situation or circumstance that’s behaving like an obstacle?

Can you point to a character defect that’s causing problems for you?

If you think about it, can you identify some real-life issue that’s preventing you from advancing in the…

The pros and cons

Photo:engin akyurt/Unsplash

Have you ever had the experience of someone venting their emotions onto you or roping you into an emotional conversation, and you never actually consented to sharing that kind of experience with them? How did that feel?

Did you ever feel used, abused, or drained by someone emotionally, especially someone who expected to be granted automatic access to your emotional resources? Did this encourage you to open your heart more to such people, or did you learn to keep your heart closed in such situations?

Just as you need physical consent for sharing physical intimacy with someone, consider…


Photo:Cathryn Lavery/Unsplash

Have you ever had the experience of looking back on your week with the sinking feeling that you didn’t get as much done as you’d hoped?

When building a successful career or a business of your own, your time is perhaps your most valuable asset, and your income is a direct result of how you spend your time.

You cannot buy any more time than you’re given, and the clock is always ticking.

A few years ago, I discovered a simple system that allowed me to nearly triple my productivity, and in this article I’ll share some very…

Maybe You Just Need To Redefine Your Problems

Photo:Allef vinicius/Unsplash

By looking at a problem from multiple angles, you may spot a creative solution you hadn’t considered before. But another approach is to reframe the way you define the problem to begin with.

For example, suppose you define your problem as how to get a new job during COVID times. Within that problem definition, you can consider many ways to solve the problem.

You could work on your resume, look through job postings, fill out applications, ask around to discover unadvertised jobs, and take plenty of other actions. But all the while you’re sticking with the original problem…

To increase productivity

Photo:Brad Neathery/Unsplash

Sometimes people use their job as their blanket excuse for not being in control of their schedule. “Oh… I can’t because I have a job,” is the main reason people give for not being able to do 30-day trials, experience extended travel, and do immersive deep dives.

However, during periods without a job, these same people often switch to a different excuse. Oh… I can’t because I’m unemployed right now.

Self-employed people do this too. Oh… I can’t because I have to work.

Work will come and go. Your finances may fluctuate over time. But no matter what…

How You Control Your Life

Photo:Thomas Bormans/Unsplash

It’s easy to pretend that you’re not in control of your time with expressions like these:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I have to ____.
  • I’m all booked up.
  • My schedule is packed.
  • I haven’t had a day off since ____.
  • I’m always doing things for other people.
  • My boss/spouse/kids need me to ____.
  • I never have any time to myself.
  • I have a lot of work to do.

How you spend your time is your choice. You can choose to obey other people’s expectations. You can choose to obligate yourself. …

Mordecai Ayuz

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